The wiki that easily organizes company information you can access from anywhere!

Slicki helps you easily and securely create, access and maintain a wiki for EVERY team, and control who can access it using Slack #Channel permissions.

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Slicki lets you add wiki page structures to your Slack team, with smart integration directly to Slack.

Read, write and collaborate from anywhere! Share and Control using Slack.

When you sign up and connect the Slicki App to Slack, your team members can immediately create, maintain and share pages of information within Slack. It's a great way to share information, build documentation from conversation, and to easily store and retrieve information relevant to groups in your organisation, in a structure your team members are already familiar with.

To get Started..

1.Start your free trial.

2. Open Slack and go to any #Channel

3. Type /slicki and click the "open" button to start building your Wiki!

4. Anyone a part of that #Channel can now Collabore with you and help you build your wiki!

Just type /slicki..

Type /slicki in any channel in Slack, and Slicki will tell you if a page already exists for the channel.

If it exists, click the button to open that page. If it doesn't, click the button to create a new page and start editing.

You can always access your wiki by typing

You can also access your wiki from any desktop or mobile browser by replacing your "" team URL with "".

A Modern Wiki, Built With Collaboration In Mind.

Slicki allows you and your team to collaborativly create a wiki, and organize information, and access it from anywhere or in Slack.

Build intranets with deep integration to Slack

Internal Communications

Complement your employee communication with expert verified information, so regardless of where or when your employees are working, they stay connected and aligned.

Manage projects with the help of wiki pages

Project management

Manage specifications, deadlines, progress reports and task lists. If your project members already work in Slack, storing related information in Slicki is a breeze.

Turn conversation into documentation

Remote Work

You have enough on your mind, figuring out how to do your job at home should be simple. With Slicki, acccess infromation, collaborate from no matter where or when you work.

Distribute training information to your organization

Employee Onboarding

Give your onboarding team everything they need to get your new employees meaningfully integrated into their new roles and departments. Get started creating a successful onboarding program and build a level playing field and solid foundation for every employee.

An easy way for employees to access onboarding information

Engineering Teams

A documentation solution that engineers actually like! Keep important product and project information updated, accurate, and accessible everywhere your engineering team is working, including right in Slack.

Easily access and maintain knowledge base information

Support Teams

Give your customer support reps what they need to answer questions quickly and accurately, helping them deliver the best customer experience. Anytime your engineers ask each other a question in Slack, you can use Slicki's knowledge management and build a knowledge blessed by your experts.

The features you need to be productive.

Any productivity tool is only as good as its features. Slicki has strong Slack integration, which means your team can leverage all the work and information you already have in Slack:

Get started in seconds

Click Start your free trial, authorize the app, and all of your team users will be editing pages in no-time.

Build on your Slack investment

Slicki builds on how your Slack team members work and communicate, allowing team members to organize and find Slicki information quickly.

Interact directly from Slack

Slack commands to let you quickly create new pages, edit and search.

Brilliantly simple rights management

Team members can access Slicki pages associated with channels they have joined. Add Slicki pages to private channels to restrict access.

Keep channel members in the loop

Optionally notify members of the associated channel of any changes you publish to a Slicki page.

Realtime collaborative editing

Multiple users can edit the same pages, and watch changes happen in real time. It's like Google Docs, but integrated perfectly with Slack.

Free to get started

Try it out! You'll get 30 days full access to Slicki, free. After that, you pay only for team members that actively use Slicki.

Leverage Slack file storage

Upload images directly to Slack file storage, and embed these into wiki pages.


Works across all devices

Slicki makes information access and maintenance easy, whether you are on desktop or mobile.

Free to try. One simple plan. No Contracts.

No credit cards required to get started. After adding Slicki to Slack, you'll have 30 days of full access, free for your entire team. If you want to subscribe after the trial period ends, Slicki is just $20.00 per month and then just $2.00 for each additional ACTIVE user above 10 users.